Online Chess Club

We use the website to run an online chess club for any junior chess player in Leicestershire who wants to play. Online Chess club runs from 6-8pm every Wednesday. A child logs on to and once they have been assigned to the Leicestershire Junior Chess group they are able to play chess against other group members of Leicestershire Junior Chess.

Unlike Saturday Chess Club, there is no charge for this as basic membership of is free. We encourage all juniors to use the learning tools on the site (ie Lessons, Puzzles etc) which are first rate. Leicestershire Junior Chess has purchased a block of premium membership upgrades and we are happy to upgrade any child at a Leicestershire & Rutland school to premium ‘gold’ membership of once they have worked through all the lessons on up to Kings level provided they continue to use the site on a regular basis. All Saturday Chess Club members are upgraded to premium membership of irrespective of what level they are at.

Contact Paul Mottram for more details about how to start playing in online chess club and about upgrades to premium membership.