Kings November Rapidplay

11 Players took part in the last November rapidplay for the Kings, with Noor Datoo taking first place with an undefeated 4.5pts out of 5. Leo Abraham was clear second with 4 points out of 5, with both boys winning vouchers for the online Chess and Bridge store. Madhav, Anish and Laurence tied for 3rd place

  1. Noor Datoo – 4.5/5
  2. Leo Abraham – 4/5
  3. Madhav Eradi, Anish Das, Laurence Norton – 3/5
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Knights November Rapidplay

9 chidren took part in the last Knights Rapidplay of November, with Yvon taking her 2nd trophy, winning all 4 games, well done! Abhiraj finished in clear 2nd place with 3pts out of 4, and Bobby finished 3rd with 2.5pts

1. Yvon Van Neerven – 4/4

2. Abhiraj Ingle – 3/4

3. Bobby Sun – 2.5 / 4

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Junior 4NCL Season 2

An amazing 38 children were represented in the 2nd season of the online Junior 4NCL across 7 teams. Please click the links below to see the league tables. You can see the top scorers for each team below, and well done to Leo Abraham and Amelia Ahmad for playing every single round!

Leicester Juniors 1

Sophie Mehta 6pt (out of 12), Lindsay Pyun 5.5pts (out of 10)

Leicester Juniors 2

Madhav Eradi 3.5 pts, Noor Datoo 3pts

Leicester Junior 3

Leo Abraham 8pts, Rameen Masood 7.5pts (out of 10)

Leicester Juniors 4

Laurence Norton 6ts, Garv Sehgal 3.5pts

Leicester Juniors 5

Anish Das 8pts, Lexi Abraham 7pts

Leicester Juniors 6

Sathsara Dissanyake and Aman Das, both 3pts

Blue Foxes

Amelia Ahmad 6.5pts. Sofia Hilmi 6pts

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Rooks Rapidplay – 31st October

16 players took part in the last rapidplay of October, with trophies available for the winners. Sofia Hilmi came first with a perfect 5 wins out of 5. Amelia Ahmad was in clear second place. There were 6 players tied for 3rd with 3 points out of 5, with Yuvraj taking the 3rd place on tie break.

  1. Sofia Hilmi – 5 / 5
  2. Amelia Ahmad – 4 / 5
  3. Yuvraj Singh – 3 / 5
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Kings and Knights Rapidplay – 24th October

16 players took part in the last Kings rapidplay of October, with the winner claiming a £15 voucher for! Congratulations to Lindsay finishing unbeaten and outright winner with 4.5pts

  1. Lindsay Pyun – 4.5 / 5
  2. Madhav Eradi – 4 / 5
  3. Noor Datoo – 3.5/5

8 children entered the Knights rapidplay, with Yvon taking the trophy by winning all her games, well done. Three players finished with 2 wins out of 3.

  1. Yvon Cen – 3 / 3
  2. Siyoung Ryu – 2 / 3
  3. Abhiraj Ingle – 2 / 3
  4. Zara Mehta – 2 / 3

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Rooks Rapidplay – Saturday 10th October

17 players took part in this weeks hard fought rapidplay, with 4 players finishing on 4 points out of 5. Aarav Garg took first place on tie break, well done! The top four finishers were as follows

  1. Aarav Garg – 4 points
  2. Anjal Parizad – 4 points
  3. Adeeb Syed – 4 points
  4. Sofia Hilmi – 4 points
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Kings and Knights Rapidplays – 3rd October

In todays Kings rapidplay 13 players took part, with John Moughtin Leay finishing top with a perfect 5/5, his second tournament victory this week!

  1. John Moughtin Leay – 5/5
  2. Noor Datoo – 4/5
  3. Leo Abraham 3/5

Also we had a Knights rapidplay today, unfortunately a couple of players were effected by connection issues. Yvon came out on top with a perfect 3/3 well done.

  1. Yvon Cen – 3/3
  2. Harrison Slade – 1.5/3
  3. Zara Mehta – 1/5/3

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Leicester Juniors Arena Battle – September 2020

The last Arena battle of September was very hard fought with only 2 points between the top two players, with the final result only decided in last few minutes of play. Well done to John who has won three in a row!

  1. John Moughtin Leay – 28 points
  2. Madhav Eradi – 26 points
  3. Yuvraj Singh – 20 points

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Rooks Rapidplay – September

The last Rooks rapidplay of September was very closely contested, with 16 players taking part on Saturday 26th September. There was a tie at the top three players finishing on 4 points of 5. The winner on tie break was Laurence Norton, well done to everyone who took part!

  1. Laurence Norton 4/5
  2. Anjal Parizard 4/5
  3. Sofia Hilmi 4/5

Each player in the top 3 will receive a trophy or medal.

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Leicestershire Juniors represented in UK Chess Challenge Terafinals!

Many Leicestershire Juniors took part in the recent online UK Chess challenge, several qualifying for the gigafinals, and a select few making it through to the prestigious Terafinal stage. The finals were played over the weekend of the 5th and 6th of September, featuring most of the strongest junior players in the country. Amongst several excellent performances by members of the club I thought I should mention

Sasha Kerbel – scored 7.5 points in the U18 Terafinal 14th place overall

Lindsay Pyun – scored 6.5 points in the U12 Terafinal 5th highest girl

Sophie Mehta – scored 6 points in the U10 Terafinal, 10th highest girl.

Well done everyone who took part, I am sure we will have even more players in the Terafinals in years to come!

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